Some handy hints when trying on shoes

Since starting Natural Fit footwear I have heard some horror stories about how the wrong shoe, in particular the wrong fitting shoes has ruined people’s lives. Wrong fitting shoes can cause all sorts of problems and also accelerate problems that people might already have such as Plantar Fasciitis, bunions or Arthritis. Wrong fitting shoes can also lead to falls and other injuries. I have heard it all! My team and I strive every day to ensure we get the best fit possible for our customers.

Some people ask me what I look for when fitting shoes on our customers? So I thought I would write a quick snap on some handy hints when trying on shoes…

  • A good shoe store will measure your foot. Where possible, try on shoes with an expert who is trained in fitting shoes.
  • Remember that all shoes are not the same size. Just because you may be a size 38 (7) in one shoe, does not necessarily mean you are the same in another. Over time, your foot can change sizes, so a size 38 (7) 15 years ago might be 39 (8) today! The best thing to do is to get the shoe that fits regardless of the size it says on the tag.
  • Shopping for shoes when you have time is important. Rushing a shoe sale can be heart breaking and sometimes harmful to your feet.
  • Try on both shoes. Not all feet (left and right) are the same size. Trying on both shoes will always ensure you get the fit that is right for both feet.
  • Shop after you have walked around for a while or when your feet are at their most swollen. Generally speaking, If the shoes fits when your feet are sore, they will fit when they aren’t.
  • Try and wear them as long as possible in the store to gauge the feeling and if possible, go home and wear the shoes on a clean surface for 20-30 min. Most good shoe stores will have a return and exchange policy for unworn shoes.

 Fitting tips

  • Is the length right? On any closed toe shoes I try and have a thumb width at the end of the shoe. On a sandal, you may not need much more than a feel millimetres. I don’t like to see the toes to go over the edge of the sandal, however, I don't like there to be too much room at the front either. With sandals especially too much “shoe” at the front could cause some tripping.
  • Is the arch right? In footwear where there is high arch support, the arch of the foot should fit snugly around the arch support. You will generally feel it is intrusive if the shoe is too big or small.
  • Is the width right? The width of the shoes should encompass the whole foot. A shoes that has the foot too tight around the sides or on a sandal the foot grossly overhangs can cause .

 In October at Natural Fit Footwear, we are offering customers the opportunity to come into any of our stores and simply try on shoes. For trying on any shoe in our shoes, even if you don’t purchase, with one of our expert fitting specialists, you will go into the draw to win a $250 voucher (see Facebook for further details).

Natural Fit footwear, the correct fit every time…..

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