Our COVID-19 News

To our very dear customers, friends & partners,

Firstly & most importantly, I hope everyone is well and thank you for your support in the last few weeks. Your messages and best wishes are very much appreciated. I am pleased to say that our team and our families are healthy. As a business, we really did encourage self-isolation and following the guidelines set out by the officials. I also felt it was a good time to take a moment to reflect on things and get set up for the rush of life that will inevitably return at some point. I myself spent a nice amount of time with my two young children riding bikes and kicking the football. I also finally got around to organising the garage that hadn’t been done in 2019.  

With the cases of COVID-19 dropping through our communities and with increased awareness of social distancing, we have decided to come back to work on a restricted basis this week and then evaluate things after further direction is given to us by the officials later this week. At this point here, we will be taking appointments in all stores from Tuesday to Saturday. You can either call 1300 170 542 or visit us on naturalfitfootwear.com.au to book online.

It seems that COVID-19 has paved a new way of life for everyone and although it feels that we are seeing lowered restrictions, I believe there will be an element of cautiousness for a little while yet. At Natural Fit Footwear, we are absolutely committed to ensuring that the safety of the team, our customers and our neighbours is the first priority. So, you can feel rest assured that we are taking measures to set up our stores to be safe.

  • The team have a set of hygiene routines between customers that we follow.
  • Hand Sanitisers available. In fact, within a few weeks we will be offering these up for sale.
  • The seating is set up for social distancing and sanitised regularly and in between customers.
  • The store is kept clean and disinfectant is used daily.
  • The team use gloves and at the request of customers can use masks.
  • We have disposable try on socks.

Of course, the safest way to buy shoes is online and at this moment we are offering free shipping and extended return terms.

Again, thank you so much for your support. Stay safe and if there is anything myself or my team can do, please let us know.

Daniel Simone
Managing Director

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