About Us


To provide brands & service that offer true comfort and support with extensive functionality such as removable innersoles, extendable straps and come in a depth of sizes. As well as being largely orthotic friendly, our product range aligns with the current fashion trends and modern designs. In short, our product is really comfortable and looks great too!


Welcome to Natural Fit Footwear, where comfort meets style for every step of your journey. Established in 2017, our founders, Daniel and Jessica Simone, envisioned a haven for those seeking comfortable footwear solutions. With over 30 years of combined retail experience, they turned their dream of owning a footwear business into reality.Having experienced the challenges of balancing an active lifestyle while raising young children and working full-time jobs, Daniel and Jess recognize the significance of comfortable footwear. Natural Fit Footwear emerged from their passion for creating a space where individuals with problematic feet could find the perfect fit for their unique needs.
At Natural Fit Footwear, we go beyond selling shoes; we offer a customer-centric experience that combines expertise, dedication, and a curated selection of top-notch brands. Our mission is to provide footwear that not only supports your feet but also complements your active lifestyle.
Join us on this journey, where comfort and style converge seamlessly. Natural Fit Footwear – your destination for a step in the right direction!