Frankie 20% Off

Frankie 20% Off

Frankie4 Ellie III NavyFrankie4 Ellie III Navy
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Frankie4 Ellie III Navy

$170.16 $229.95

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Frankie4 Nat Blush Punched
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Frankie4 Nat Blush Punched

$170.16 $229.95

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FRANKiE4 MADDiE Tan LeopardFRANKiE4 MADDiE Tan Leopard
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FRANKiE4 MADDiE Tan Leopard

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  • Orthopedic Friendly

    Has either built in orthotic or is corrective in nature
  • Removable Innersole

    Removable innersole and ideal for orthotics to be inserted
  • Extension Strap Available

    Ideal for adding width
  • Machine Washable

    Machine washable up to 30 degrees
  • Light and Breathable

    Is extremely light on the foot with breathable fabrics
  • Vegan

    Fabrics and materials are 100% vegan
  • Soft Cushioning

    Has an in-built system installed for additional cushioning
  • Arch Support

    Has inbuilt orthotic features to support arch area and promote correction
  • Durable

    Made from durable fabrics/materials for additional strength
  • Water Resistant

    Can withstand a mild-heavy amount of water and keeps feet dry